Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our children, as the future of the Church, are an important asset to the ministry. We believe it is important to share the Gospel of Christ with them at an early age to develop their love for God, a Christian foundation, and spiritual maturity. Our Children’s Ministry allows us to fulfill our fellowship mission to cultivate relationships with one another as we share our lives together.  

Pre-school 1(birth - age 3)
Pre-school 2(ages 4-5)
Children 1(age 6 - 2nd grade)
Children 3(grades 4-5)
Children's Director: Kaila Day ~


Wednesday Evenings

Sunday Mornings

6:30pm- 7:30pm


First Wednesday services, when a meal is provided, nursery is open at 6pm.
Nursery service is provided for the entirety of our Sunday morning activities. This allows parents who might otherwise miss out on choir, breakfast, fellowship, etc. to participate.

Sunday Evenings

6pm- 7pm

Generally speaking, Sunday evenings are used for Small Group meetings and usually take place in people's homes.

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